How Your Bend Dentist Will Fix a Chipped Tooth

by admin on March 12, 2012

How Your Bend Dentist Will Fix a Chipped Tooth

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bend dentist

If you happen to chip a tooth, you’ll probably stress about the way your smile will look. However, there’s no need to become too stressed, because your Bend Dentist can easily repair a chipped tooth. The length of time it will take to repair it will depend on the damage.

Minor Dental Chips/Cracks

If you have simple, very minor cracks in your tooth, your dentist probably won’t have to do much to repair it. He or she may polish the tooth to ensure that the surface is uniform. For very small chips, your doctor may use a minimal amount of composite to fill in the chipped areas and then polish the tooth. This is a very simple fix, so you shouldn’t worry too much.

Severe Chips/Cracks

If you have a severe chip in your tooth, your Bend Cosmetic Dentist can fill the chip with a composite material. For severe cracks, he or she may need to place a dental crown over the tooth to prevent the crack from causing further damage. Your Bend Dentist will assess the chips and cracks to determine whether the root or any of the surrounding tissue has been damaged. If it has, there’s a possibility he will need to perform a root canal on the tooth. This involves drilling into the tooth and removing the root, filling the tooth and then placing a crown over the tooth.

Split Tooth

If your tooth has completely split into vertical parts, your dentist may try to save the root. If it’s possible, the tooth will most likely be filled with a crown to ensure that you’re still able to eat normally and that your smile is still beautiful. If the root has been damaged, you will need a root canal. For teeth that have more than one root, the dentist may try to save any that aren’t damaged, and will perform a root canal on the roots that are damaged. A crown will be placed over the tooth.

What Causes a Chipped Tooth?

There are many causes of chipped teeth, including falls or other accidents, biting on something particularly hard, or decay. If decay has caused your chipped tooth, your Bend Dentist will assess the other teeth in your mouth to see if decay is affecting them. In many cases, the decayed areas of the tooth can be removed and filled, and crowns can be placed over them to maintain a beautiful smile. If decay has damaged the root of your teeth, you may need root canals and crowns to repair them.

Tooth Tips

If you happen to break a tooth and a sizable portion comes off (or the whole tooth), you should place it in a glass of milk and call the dentist immediately. You can also place the tooth back in the socket or against between the cheek and the gum. There’s a chance your Bend Dentist can save the tooth if it’s not damaged, and placing it in the mouth or in milk helps prevent damage. A dry tooth will be damaged within minutes of being separated from the mouth.

Although having a broken or chipped tooth is distressing, your dentist can help you fix it quickly; but it’s important to call him or her right away and book an emergency appointment or the next appointment available..

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