Cosmetic Dentists in Bend Oregon

by admin on October 24, 2015

Cosmetic Dentists in Bend Oregon

Most oral care patients tend to only associate dentists with filling cavities, extracting damaged teeth, polishing teeth and performing basic checkups. Nowadays though, cosmetic dentists in Bend Oregon are able to perform an extensive range of services and functions – all of which will focus on making a patient’s teeth fully functional and also looking good for as long as possible.

Bend Teeth Whitening
One of the most popular services that are being provided by our cosmetic dentists in Bend Oregon remains that of teeth whitening. Many patients find themselves being extremely embarrassed about the fact that they have stained or discolored teeth. However, help is at hand right here at our fully equipped dental practice, as we are able to perform a range of cleaning and whitening services – each of which will be able to restore a patient’s teeth to their natural brilliant whiteness afterwards.

bend cosmetic dentistQuick and Simple Procedures
One of the main advantages of in-surgery teeth whitening is that it is a relatively quick procedure, usually taking no longer than 45 minutes to an hour to perform. This enables busy patients to pop in during their lunch break or in between their other daily appointments and to continue fulfilling their busy schedule immediately afterwards. Most of the whitening treatments we provide will consist of either laser treatments or specialized tooth whitening strips – or a combination of both if the teeth in question are badly discolored. In some cases, the dentist will give a patient a series of whitening strips to use at home if he or she requires additional laser treatments to get the desired results.

Dental Braces
Another excellent product range that can be provided by our cosmetic dentists in Bend Oregon is orthodontic braces. Many patients have the misfortune of having teeth that are not properly aligned or that are unevenly spaced in the mouth, which can result in them feeling insecure about their overall appearance. However, there are a few different options available when it comes to having braces fitted these days – from the traditional metal structures to the top of the range Invisalign braces that are virtually invisible to the naked eye. Our team of cosmetic dentists in Bend Oregon will be able to advise patients which ones will work best for them.

Bend Dental Implants
Until a decade or so ago, patients who had missing or damaged teeth would have had to have resorted to using denture sets, bridges or dental plates to replace them. These days though, there is a fantastic range of implant products that can be provided by our cosmetic dentists in Bend Oregon. Unlike dentures and bridges, which often have a limited lifespan of about 5 years, dental implants can last a patient for the rest of his or her life – as long as they are properly cared for along the way. The dentist who is performing the implant procedure will provide the patient with instructions regarding the proper care of the new implants.

iStock_000009023176_ExtraSmallBasic Checkups
Many oral care patients do not realize that having annual or semi-annual checkups performed is in fact an important facet of cosmetic dentistry as well. During a checkup, our cosmetic dentists in Bend Oregon will carefully inspect each tooth to ensure that its enamel is not chipped or damaged in any way. If any minor damaged is detected, it can then be repaired immediately, as this will prevent the tooth from experiencing any further damage. However, in cases where cavities are larger or the damage is more severe, the patient may have to schedule an additional appointment to have it attended to.

Visit Us Today
Patients who are looking for cosmetic dentists in Bend Oregon that are reliable, affordable and that offer the very best service should schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. We cater for patients of all ages, which mean that children are also more than welcome at our practice. Our dentists will always ensure that the scope of work is explained in detail before commencing and if required, an estimate can be provided beforehand as well.
In order to prevent any unnecessary inconvenience, it is strongly recommended that patients schedule an appointment if they wish to see any of our cosmetic dentists in Bend Oregon. We are able to deal with most forms of dental insurance plans, and for patients who do not have any form of insurance; we are able to accept payment by means of cash and most major credit cards..

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