Cosmetic Dentistry Bend Oregon

by admin on February 14, 2016

Cosmetic Dentistry Bend Oregon


It is often thought that dentists are only there to perform professional teeth cleaning, checkups and to fill cavities. However, this is no longer the case these days – cosmetic dentistry Bend Oregon has become extremely popular over the past few years. There are a few different forms of cosmetic dentistry, some of which are more popular than others – all of which will be discussed below.

Bend Teeth Whitening

Having teeth that are stained or discolored can result in a lot of embarrassment and a lack of self-esteem for many oral care patients. Over the past few years, one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry Bend Oregon has been that of in-surgery teeth whitening procedures. Although this used to only be available as in-home treatments in the form of kits and even whitening toothpaste products, this has since progressed to in-surgery teeth whitening methods that offer results that not only look a lot better, but that last a lot longer as well. In many cases, patients will only need a single treatment of professional or laser teeth whitening to be rewarded with a pearly white smile.

cosmetic dentistry Bend Oregon

Bend Dental Implant Procedures
Not many patients consider dental implants as a form of cosmetic surgery. However, these devices are in fact used to replace missing or broken teeth, which in turn improves the overall appearance of a patient’s smile. Although having implants inserted can be a somewhat lengthy process, most patients have reported that it is well worth their while to do so. Dental implants look and feel the same as a patient’s original teeth, and this enables patients to enjoy chewing food once again. Because dental implants are used to replace missing teeth, they can also enable a patient to speak properly again, which is another self-confidence booster in most cases.

Orthodontic Braces
Although it is often thought that braces are only suitable for growing children, this is actually not the case. In fact, many adults who are embarrassed about the fact that they have misaligned teeth can usually benefit from having braces installed as well. Many patients aren’t aware of the fact that our cosmetic dentistry Bend Oregon consists of being able to provide them with the right braces as well. Nowadays, there are a few different types of orthodontic braces, ranging from the basic metal variety right up to the Invisalign range that can be taken out while eating. Our professional cosmetic dentist in Bend Oregon will advise patients beforehand which braces will be most suitable.

Repairing Cavities
Regardless of how small they are; cavities can cause teeth to look extremely unsightly. However, here at our cosmetic dentistry practice in Bend Oregon, we are able to fill and repair cavities in such a way that the end results are virtually invisible. This effect is achieved by means of enamel-colored resin and composites, all of which are safe for use in the mouth. The dentist will take time to mix these products to ensure that they are the closest possible match to the teeth that are being repaired and filled. In most cases, cavity repairs that are performed properly will help make a patient’s teeth look attractive once again.

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Professional Cleaning
Another form of cosmetic dentistry Bend Oregon that is often overlooked is that of professional teeth cleaning and descaling. An accumulation of hard plaque and tartar can cause the spaces between teeth and the area between the teeth and gums to look unsightly. However, this can be removed quickly and professionally during a routine checkup or consultation. This treatment can usually be performed on patients of all ages and it only takes a few minutes for a patient to be well on their way to having clean and shiny teeth once again. It is strongly recommended that professional teeth cleaning and descaling is performed at least once a year to keep the teeth healthy.


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Determining the Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry in Bend Oregon
Most patients are eager to know what the cost of cosmetic dentistry Bend Oregon will be. However, it is difficult to determine this beforehand, as it depends largely on the procedures that need to be performed. For example, a patient who is only having cleaning and whitening performed will pay a lot less than someone who is having dental implants inserted. However, our professional oral are team will be more than willing to provide patients with an estimate of the costs involved before starting any form of treatment.
Patients who would like to have any form of cosmetic dentistry Bend Oregon should not hesitate to contact our offices and schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible.

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