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Teeth Whitening – Professional and Home Treatments

Many dental patients are embarrassed about the fact that their teeth are badly stained. Staining usually occurs as a result of smoking or consuming a lot of tea, coffee and soft drinks. In many cases, much of the staining can be reversed when patients make use of approved home treatments or in more serious cases, the whitening products that are available from a reliable bend cosmetic dentist. If you or a loved one is interested in Bend Oregon Teeth Whitening, Call us today and save $250.00 off by calling 541-389-2885.

Home Teeth Whitening in Bend Oregon

Nowadays, there are quite a few options for patients who would like to perform their own home teeth whitening in Bend Oregon. Some of the most popular options include tray-based systems that fit around the teeth and strips that adhere directly on to the teeth. While most of these products have been tested for safety as well as effectiveness, it is essential for patients to ensure that they are purchased from reputable sources. Before using any of these treatment products, it is also crucial for patients to follow the enclosed instructions carefully, as this will not only help ensure the best possible results; it will ensure that no long-term damage is done to any part of the teeth.

Professional Whitening Options

Although good results can be obtained with home teeth whitening in Bend Oregon, more and more patients are realizing that the professional treatment options usually always produce far superior end results. One of the most popular options at present when it comes to Bend teeth whitening is that of laser treatment. Others include Zoom teeth whitening and BriteSmile laser whitening treatments. Some of the main advantages of laser teeth whitening procedures are that in many cases, only a single treatment session of no more than an hour are required, and patients do not suffer from teeth sensitivity afterwards, as no peroxide is applied to the teeth at any time. Call 541-389-2885 for Bend Oregon Teeth Whitening services.


Having Professional Whitening

Having professional teeth whitening in Bend Oregon is convenient in that patients merely need to schedule their appointments with their dentists. The dentists will then consult with the patients to determine which treatment options will be best for them and in most cases, patients will be able to return to work immediately afterwards. In cases where a patient’s teeth are badly stained, a dentist may also give him or her additional treatment products to use at home until a follow-up session can be scheduled. For more information about teeth whitening, click here.

Points to Remember

Once patients have had teeth whitening performed, they will need to refrain from smoking and/or consuming alcohol and caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee if they would like the results to last as long as possible. In cases where home teeth whitening treatments are not working, patients may have to wait a few weeks before having laser whitening performed, as the home treatments can often leave the teeth feeling extremely sensitive.

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Patients who are performing their own whitening treatments at home will need to remember that in many cases, it will take a few weeks’ worth of treatment before a difference in the color of the teeth is noticed. However, when having professional whitening done, the results are often visible almost immediately afterwards. Dr DiGiulio, a Bend Cosmetic Dentist, is well versed in all aspects of professional teeth whitening in Bend Oregon, just call 541-389-2885 to save $250 off this procedure.


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