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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening, also known by professionals as dental bleaching, is the procedure used by Bend dentists mostly in the cosmetic dentistry field to restore and whiten teeth back to their original color. Whether it is by a stroll through the local mall or a visit to the family dentist, patients everywhere have taken notice to the many teeth whitening options available to them.

Dentist Advice

It is no secret that professionals typically recommend making an appointment with the Bend family dentist before using any new treatments, especially that of teeth whitening with the intention to remove dental stains. Professionals offering this advice should be taken seriously as teeth whitening can have some side effects if not done properly and with the best chosen method for each patient. For this reason, acquiring professional dental advice is recommended.


While much discoloration of teeth is an unavoidable event as we grow older, there are many reasons that teeth discoloration can be accelerated at unhealthy stages and can be prevented. Many things that patients eat and drink contain active ingredients that cause the need for teeth whitening. Coffee, tea, wine, certain cola products and other foods and drinks can cause accelerated and unnecessary tooth discoloration when used excessively.

Popular Treatment Methods Used

Most people would generally only think of teeth whitening as a method to be used in a dentist office. However, there are many methods and varying procedures that all come under the term teeth whitening. Patients have the options of in-office, at home and monitored whitening methods. Whitening pens, bleaching strips, laser bleaching, bleaching gel and natural methods are all available.


While most in-office treatments are typically the most expensive options, they are also generally the most effective in the least amount of time. In-office whitening methods usually involve using some kind of light, heat or other activating agent along with a gel that contains carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide or both. Internal and light accelerated bleaching are also methods used for in-office whitening.

At Home Methods

At home whitening methods can include both natural and dentist approved products and techniques. Natural whitening methods may include eating healthy foods that help teeth to naturally clean themselves and encourage basic healthy gums and teeth. Other natural methods can include topically applying certain fruits and other substances such as baking soda to the teeth. Over-the-counter whitening trays, strips and gels can also be used at home.

More Whitening Products

Aside from the many at-home and natural methods already mentioned, other products that can be purchased at local stores and over-the-counter include mouth rinse products, toothpastes, tray-based whiteners and whitening strips and gels. A common brand that many say is a leading provider and offers mouthwashes and toothpaste is Crest. Crest also provides recommended white strips.

Basic Risks

While many patients in need of whitening have had very successful results without any side effects, some risk is always involved and should be considered before using teeth whitening methods. Some risks involved can include chemical burns, over bleaching, sensitivity, further pain for patients with already sensitive teeth and bleachorexia. In light of these potential side effects, it is yet another reason to consult with a professional before using such methods.

ADA Advice

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends a full check-up with your dentist before whitening. A check-up of this sort should include an overview of health and dental history, sometimes x-rays must be taken and allergies and sensitivities should be reviewed. Dentists also use a color-shading guide sometimes to determine how much time should be allotted for whitening treatment, especially if in-office treatment is preferred.

Time Expected for Treatment

Typically, the in-office bleaching method takes less time and has been known to produce dramatic results. An in-office treatment may take about an hour for one session, although sometimes more than one is needed. Mouthwash used for whitening can take up to twelve weeks, according to some brands. Gels and strips usually are applied twice or once daily for a minimum of two weeks and trays used to whiten can take up to four weeks or more.

Bend Dentistry

In particular to the whitening procedures performed by dentists everywhere, Cornerstone Family Dentistry is located in the Bend, Oregon area and has given local residents access to professional bend teeth whitening. Professional Bend teeth whitening gives patients a new sense of confidence and a reason to smile. By using approved methods and offering custom consultations, Bend dentists help patients to remove tooth stain by applying multiple tooth whitening, in-office methods.

teeth whiteningOverall, may not be for everyone. However, many patients desiring brighter and whiter teeth have begun to receive whitening treatment. With the many options available, it could be hard to choose which is best for every individual. Fortunately, after consulting a professional and discussing the options, patients are sure to find a treatment that will make them smile..

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